Tonik Bank

Launching in the Philippines soon

Do you feel your bank is too old school to keep up with you?

Well, you're probably right.

2 out of 3 Filipinos expect to complete all aspects of account opening online or on their phone in 2020.

Annoyed at your bank’s constant system downtimes?

If you're not, you must be on sedatives.

Filipinos are very vocal in their sentiments about negative customer experience with banks. We won’t hold back!

Sick of listening to your bank’s trunkline music when you need help the most?

It's hard to unhear it - we know.

According to consumer data, 53% of customers would prefer to use online chat before calling a company for support.

Do your savings earn for you?

You're aware that they should, right?

Most savings accounts from major banks in the Philippines grow funds at a measly rate of 0.10% to 2% per year.

Get ready for a new way of banking that you will love!

No point resisting your feelings now.

60% of bankable customers are willing to try new banking apps.

Tonik is the Philippines' first neobank. Launching in Q1 2021.

We aim to transform the way money works through a 100% digital platform – fast, easy, and secure. We are experienced bankers, who are tired of banks not doing and being what the customers want.

Innovation is woven into our DNA. We put customers first. We challenge the status quo. We are relentless.
We are passionate about improving people’s financial lives through the use of technology.


Initial concept & team.

Started dialogue with BSP.


Received bank license approval from BSP.

Researched customer needs.


Raised US $27M of funding.

Go Live in Beta mode (11.2020).


Commercial Launch.

Focus on making our customers happy.

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