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Get the best banking customer service - the Neo way!

Thu, 01/13/2022 - 23:42

Times have changed. Find out how you can get the best bank customer service in the Philippines – the Neo way!

A bank is a sacred place. It’s where one of people’s most valued possessions is stored. Money.


Money has roamed the earth far longer than any human has lived. Be it in the form of silver, gold, or paper bills, you can’t deny the power and influence that money has brought into our world. And because of money’s vast influence in our lives, the need to protect it is a must. Which is why people created banks.


Banks safekeep the money that most of us work hard for. They place layers upon layers of security to make sure that they aren’t just accessed by anyone. Plus, with the evolution of technology, banks have been able to go a step further by providing great banking products that help people grow their money. An example of this would be our awesome Stash and Time Deposit products that give you the opportunity to grow your money faster than a normal savings account would. But it’s not just that. The evolution of technology has also provided banks with an enhanced overall banking experience through creating the best banking customer service. But what is the best bank customer service?


Most people may associate the term “best bank customer service” with customer care, which is a service provided by a company wherein a person called an “agent” answers questions asked by the customer. And although customer care does play a big role when creating the best bank customer service, it isn’t the only contributing factor in manifesting this experience. The main attribute of the best bank customer service is making it easy for customers. And here at Tonik, we believe that the best bank customer service can begin even when the customer first encounters the company’s product or service, specifically through the internet. However, unlike some relationships, it is a journey that continues on even after the customer has availed of the product or service. To better understand this, let’s take a closer look at what makes the best bank customer service.

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It’s easy with the Best Bank Customer Service in the Philippines.

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There are so many banks in the world, let alone the Philippines. And with the number of banks increasing year on year, it’s safe to say that the emergence of new banking products is also starting to increase rampantly. New players want to entice potential customers with better banking products that not only provide a better savings deal but also create more financial opportunities for them. And with the increasing number of banking products, the ability to create an easily understandable website has become a must to help customers better differentiate between products. This ability accounts for creating the best bank customer service. Why?


Before depositing your hard-earned money into a bank, you usually do some in-depth research first on the history of the bank, as well as their various products. This is kind of a basic due diligence 101 for all depositors out there since people need to make sure that where they keep their money is safe and secure. You wouldn’t want a month’s worth of work to just be gone in a snap, right? We thought so. And if you’re like most people, the first place you’d look into to know more about the bank is the internet. Specifically, the bank’s website.


Ideally, the best bank customer service journey would begin with a customer exploring the bank’s website. This is because the bank’s website should contain all the information you need to know about the bank. Be it their history, products, values, mission, you name it! And because a bank’s website is an important asset in creating the best bank customer service, it needs to meet certain standards to create the best bank customer service journey for customers.


A customer shouldn’t have to need an IT degree just to access the information they’re looking for about the bank. They should be able to find what they need and be able to understand what they read at first glance. The website that provides the best bank customer service is one that is simple, clean, and navigable. It doesn’t just give customers the ease of accessing information, but it also provides the convenience of having to only read what they need to read, free from unnecessary information. If you’re interested, you can read more about What Makes a Good Website.


And to give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, let’s take a deeper look into our own website. If you’re a new customer and would like to know more about our products, you can simply just click on our Savings & Cards button. From there, you’ll get to learn more about our StashTime Deposit, and Debit Card products. We also have a dedicated Tonik Loans page which contains all of the loans we’re currently offering. Don’t worry, more loan products will be coming soon 😉. Plus, if your curiosity gets the best of you, we also have a dedicated FAQs page which lists down plausible questions you may have for each of our products. It’s all these small details which create the best bank customer service experience.

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Even when creating content that is easily understandable, it is still possible for customers to encounter some minor hiccups when using a bank’s products or services. This is the reason why another point that makes the best bank customer service is of course, customer care. Customer care plays a very vital role in creating the best bank customer service as it deals with relieving the customer of his or her inquiries and/or concerns. Of course, there is more to What Customer Care Is than this. But how exactly does customer care lead to the best bank customer service?


Well, when you encounter a problem or have a question regarding a product or service, you’d probably want to talk to the people you availed it from since they’re supposed to know everything about the product. In this case, it’s the bank who you entrusted your money with. In the olden times, when you had a question, you had to go physically to the bank branch and line up for a long time before receiving an answer to your question or concern. How inconvenient, right? But now with the #NeoWay of things, all you’ll need to do is open your bank’s app, say for example the Tonik App, and click on the “Chat with an agent” button to easily talk to a customer care agent to get things settled.


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But what sets your typical bank customer care service from the best bank customer service? Well, the latter would provide the customer with a clear, efficient, and direct answer, with a positive attitude. It’s always better if the person you’re talking to is in a good mood because well, you’d start feeling the same way too. And that’s what we, here in Tonik, do.


We want to make sure that whenever you raise a question or problem, we only provide you with the best and most efficient answers so that you only experience the best bank customer service. Aside from this, we also want to make sure that you are satisfied with the answers that we provide and whatever concern you encounter is resolved. This is why we train our customer care agents to be knowledgeable about our various products and services so that they provide you with only helpful & accurate responses.


But at Tonik, we don’t just strive to provide you with the most accurate responses, but we also aim to satisfy your needs and make sure every question and concern is handled properly and with care. We want you, our dear customers, to feel satisfied banking with us, which is why we make sure our customer care agents are trained at the highest standards. Our main goal is to provide you with quick and accurate responses with a humble & friendly tone because to us, you’re like family. This is why we also train our customer care agents to converse with you in a positive, light, and easy-going way so that you’d feel more at ease during these kinds of situations.


Plus, because we are committed to utilizing technology to evolve our operations, soon you’ll be able to interact with our very own Chatbot! This Chatbot will be available 24/7 and will be able to answer any inquiries you may have. We’ll still have our customer care agents ready on the side in case pressing matters arise. But with Chatbot, we hope to provide you with a better, quicker, and more efficient service to create the best bank customer service that meets your needs.

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Wow, you really read through everything. Kudos to you! We’re almost finished.


To sum it all up, a great bank doesn’t just provide the best bank products but also provides the best bank customer service. In this era, banks are becoming more capable of creating and delivering the best bank customer service because of the available technology and resources. And although the term “best bank customer service” is mostly associated with customer care, there’s more than meets the eye. For the most part, the journey can start with when a customer encounters a bank’s website.


When a potential customer first begins to learn more about the bank’s products and services, the bank must make sure that whatever is written on their website is clear, customer-friendly, clutter-free, and easily navigable. Because the customer wants to know more about the product or service, they shouldn’t be given a hard time looking for what they want to know. Instead, they should have a hassle-free and simple experience to be more motivated in learning about your products and services. Through this simple and smooth experience, the customer will be more motivated to learn more, even yet trying out your products and services. And once the customer has availed of your product or service, that’s when customer care kicks in.


Customer care plays a vital role in creating the best bank customer service. This is because when a customer avails of your product or service, he/she might not be too familiar yet with the different functionalities or components of the product or service. And so, a dedicated customer care team is established to help alleviate customers from their questions and concerns. However, what leads to the best bank customer service is when the customer care team provides correct and direct answers that help answer the customer’s question and relieve their concerns. Plus, it’s important for the customer care team to always respond to the customer with a positive attitude and a smile on their face to help set a brighter mood altogether.


And there you have it.


We hope this article was able to help explain more about what customer service is and what makes the best bank customer service. And although our points outlined what makes the best bank customer service in the Philippines, it can surely still apply in creating the best bank customer service in India, the best bank customer service in the UK, or elsewhere. Remember, the best bank customer service is always focused on making it easier for the customers. So always remember that.




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