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The 5 Love Languages and What They Say About Your Finances

Tue, 02/14/2023

The truth is you don’t have to know your love language to have a good and healthy relationship. It doesn’t guarantee that you and your partner will live happily ever after either (sorry for the downer, luv, we're just being real).


Still, figuring it out can guide you as you navigate the world of romance - because everyone knows how messy romance can be.


You know what else can get messy? Your finances! This Valentine’s, let’s sort out your love life and your financial life in one fell swoop.


In this blog, we'll talk about the five different love languages and what they say about your relationship with money. And, just for fun, we’ll also pair you up with Tonik’s personal loans and other products that are best for you!

Words of Affirmation



This love language means you value verbal expressions of love and affection. This can range from compliments and frequent check-ups on your current well-being to non-stop I-love-yous. You don’t just walk the walk; you talk the talk.


In terms of finances, you love talking about money with your partner. You like it when they reassure you that your joint bank account has a healthy balance, or when they tell you about the best personal loans they found online. Perhaps your idea of “kilig” is when they get amazed by how much you make, or how much you’re able to save per month. And when they give you sound financial advice, you’re probably like, “Damn, boy, wife me up!”


The perfect Tonik product for you: Tonik Stashes. These are savings pockets that you can customize for different purposes and amount goals so you can easily tell your partner where you’re at. You can even start a Group Stash for your special someone. On top of that, you can earn a 4% interest p.a. for Solo Stashes and 4.5% interest p.a. for Group Stashes!

Quality Time



People with this love language would rather spend hours with their partner in the comfort of their home where there aren’t a lot of distractions. They don’t really care much about going to the movies or eating out at some fancy restaurant. A quiet and cozy evening in their pajamas is the ideal date night for them.


Because of this, people with quality time as their love language don’t spend much. They probably enjoy getting takeout, and it’s very likely that they’re subscribed to all the streaming services imaginable. Aside from that, though, they’re already happy and content as long as they have their partner by their side.


The perfect Tonik product for you: The Tonik Time Deposit. That’s because you can spend some quality time with your money from 6 to 24 months for your short-term or long-term goals. This can earn you up to 6% interest p.a.!

Physical Touch



What’s better than a good old-fashioned bear hug? If your answer is “Nothing,” then we’ve got news for you: your love language is physical touch! Flowers and a love letter are cool every now and then, but you deeply appreciate it when your partner gets physical.


However, it’s likely that people with this love language aren’t reading this blog. In fact, they probably don’t know much about digital banks and wallets because they’d rather touch their money with their actual hands! It may be old school these days to have a wallet full of cash at all times, but that’s just how they roll and they shouldn’t let anyone tell them otherwise – not even their partners.


The perfect Tonik product for you: The Tonik Debit Card. You can request a physical card to withdraw and do balance inquiries for free through any ATM. If you’re finally ready to dip your toes in digital banking, you can also use our virtual card which you can get upon opening your Tonik account.

Acts of Service



Some people aren’t easily taken by flowers, chocolates, or even a Rolex. What gets their hearts to flutter are simple acts of service such as doing their dishes, driving them to work every morning, or a relaxing back massage after a tiring day. Others may take these small gestures for granted on the day-to-day, but for those whose love language is acts of service, this is worth more than any flashy gift.


If this is your partner, make sure to treat them with a spa day or surprise them with a delivery from their favorite restaurant! For gifts, they’d appreciate stuff more on the practical side like a new vacuum cleaner or a state-of-the-art coffee machine – anything that can make their lives a whole lot better.


The perfect Tonik product for you: Tonik Big Loan. With a loan amount up to P5M, you can grow your small business or accomplish that home improvement project you’ve got lined up. You just need a fully-paid residential property with a clean title to apply. If this isn’t for you, we also have personal loans that are better suited for all types of needs.

Giving and Receiving Gifts



The last one on this list requires little to no explanation. If this is you, then you could probably never sleep on Christmas eve because you couldn’t wait to open your presents the next morning. The sound of gift wrapping getting torn up is music to your ears. If that’s the case, then giving and receiving gifts is your love language!


You like to go all out during birthdays and Christmases. You don’t just buy them stuff they want; you get them stuff they didn’t even know they needed or wanted. You also tend to be flashier when buying gifts. You don’t just go for cheap knick-knacks or a polo shirt from some fast fashion brand. You’re literally Santa – all you need now is that iconic red outfit and a sleigh.


The perfect Tonik product for you: Tonik Shop Installment Loan. Gift your loved ones (or yourself!) new appliances for your home. Using the maximum loan amount of up to PHP 100,000, you can finally get that new fridge, TV, microwave (or all three) that you’ve always wanted.



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