The Perks of Neobanking as filtered by our Purple Tonik Cocktails

Thu, 03/31/2022 - 18:09

Still aren’t sure about going NEO? Learn why you’re gonna LUV banking with us at Tonik and get acquainted with our tasty cocktails from our Tonik Series while at it!

Have you heard yet, luvs? Tonik just turned 1 and we’re celebrating our first ever Purpleversary all month-long this March! We’ve come a long way from a year ago and have achieved multiple milestones since then, including becoming the first neobank in Southeast Asia and the first neobank in the Philippines to be granted a digital banking license by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).


To party it up and rejoice over everything we got to do in the last 12 months, we’re painting the town purple and revolutionizing how money works not just in the Philippines, but Southeast Asia as well.


If you’re new to how a neobank works, let us introduce it to you through our Tonik Special Series drinks, one of the things we got to conceptualize with an award-winning mixologist in celebration of our Purpleversary! Of course, all of them are in gorgeous shades of purple and taste amazing.


Take a peek into these fine beverages, and if you haven’t tried downloading our Tonik App yet, let them convince you why starting a neobanking romance with us would be the best decision you’d be making for your financial lifestyle.


purple kiss



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1. The Purple Kiss: We won’t just give you a smooch on the forehead, but also all the groundbreaking financial services and products no other bank can offer!

The Purple Kiss is a potent whiskey shaken with a bold and creamy ube cream liqueur that gives the cocktail its stunning purple color along with sweet creme de cacao, tangy fresh lime juice, and honey syrup. Finally, it’s topped off with dried lemon.


If you’re looking for a drink that’ll get you in the mood, then it would be our Purple Kiss cocktail. It looks gorgeous and it tastes even better, making you feel good enough to have those first sparks of a neo romance with Tonik.



You know what else that’ll get you in the mood? Our totally awesome products that offer only the best interest rates all around town! If you aren’t familiar with our Time Deposit, this has the highest interest rate EVER offered in the Philippines, at an earth-shattering 6% p.a! With this, you can make your money work the hardest for you instead of having it sit in an account with barely any growth.


Another alternative is our Stash, which is essentially a savings account, except you can grow your money by 4% p.a, which is STILL bigger than other interest rates in the country. What’s even more amazing is that you can convert this into a Group Stash if you want to save with trusted friends or family and get a bigger 4.5% interest rate! Group Stashes are best for shared financial goals among your close circles, such as vacation trips, house renovations, tuition fees, etc. We really got it all for you right here at Tonik.


So go ahead, sip your Purple Kiss after saying “I do” to Tonik’s crazy good interest rates.


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2. The Purple Neo Fashioned: Everything is just so much smoother, quicker, and easier when you bank with Tonik.

Our NEO take on a classic Philippine dessert that’s liquified and served in a cool whiskey glass. The drink is boldly flavored by the ube cream liqueur and mixed with buko juice, pandan syrup, and macapuno. But don’t be fooled by its sweet and creamy appearance! After shaken with whiskey, it makes one perfectly strong cocktail.


We go out with the old and in with the new with our Purple Neo Fashioned. It’s everything modern, thanks to its NEO take on a classic.


Just like this avant-garde and fresh new drink, Tonik goes against your traditional standard by making all its services easy, quick, and smooth. Say goodbye to long lines and face-to-face interactions with employees. Doing your errands with Tonik is as easy as 1-2-3, and that includes opening an account and onboarding, getting a loan, and talking to customer care to get the assistance you need.



Did you know that onboarding with Tonik only takes 10 minutes tops? All you’ve got to do is download the app, fill in your information, and of course, verify your identity by submitting a valid ID through scanning. Then BOOM, you got your Tonik Account!


We also have our innovative loans, such as our Quick Loan and Shop Installment Loan. You can apply for these without any need for credit history at all! Plus, it takes less than 30 minutes for application, and you can get as much as PHP50,000 in such a short amount of time. All you’d be needing is just a payslip and a valid ID. It’s loans reimagined and made 10 times more convenient!


Lastly, we also have our Customer Care services, which are also super-duper accessible. You can just chat with a Customer Care agent via our app and have someone help you in real-time! No more annoying phone calls that take forever to be picked up. It’s instant gratification here at Tonik for an epic ever after.


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3. The Purplewinkle: You got all things fun and handy in just one app.

It’s a match made in purple neo heaven with an intoxicating (in a good way, obviously!) combination of gin, butterfly pea syrup, fresh lime juice, and a splash of lemon! Sounds uber-fresh and so much fun all in a glass!


A Purplewinkle is all you need to bring sexy back to gin joints and the party scene!


This drink is the thirst quencher of our Tonik Series since it’s sure to get you lightly buzzed with LUV. It’s everything you need in a drink—All the good finance stuff you need is right here, accessible through just a touch of your fingertips. In one app, you don't just get to save and take out a Quick Loan but SHOP till your finger gets numb.



Using your Virtual Tonik Debit Card, which you get ALL FOR FREE once you open your Tonik Account! Online shopping with a virtual debit card is a lot safer too, and you get access to multiple vendors all over the world thanks to our partnership with Mastercard!


We’re also coming up with even more services that you can access through the Tonik, soon. Watch out for these features in the coming months this year:


  • Mobile network agnostic onboarding – any number
  • InstaPay Connection
  • Bills Pay
  • Bancnet debit card launch


With all these and more, your neobanking romance with us will just keep getting better and better. After all, we’re trying to make Tonik even more legendary than it already is, all for you, luvs!


Cheers to all of us, huns, and bottoms up!


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