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5 Small Business Ideas You Can Start with a Tonik Big Loan

Fri, 03/10/2023 - 16:05

Everyone’s got a small business or side-hustle these days. It’s not only because of the rising prices of basically everything (onions, anyone?), but also because most small businesses allow people to do what they love while getting paid. That certainly beats relying on your day job as your only source of income.


It may be scary at first to take the leap but setting it up gets a whole lot easier if you get a Tonik Big Loan! Whether this’ll be your first-time side-hustling or you’re just looking for more profitable ways to fill up your time, keep reading to get some small business ideas for 2023 with the help of our biggest loan yet!

Food Business

food business


Be the hero to your local foodies by opening a food cart franchise! You can get a head start with the help of franchisers who typically provide supplies and equipment to get you up and running.


Popular brands can cost up to P300,000 in franchise fees, so a Big Loan can certainly come in handy. Don't forget to set it up in a location with heavy foot traffic (and a lot of hungry folks!) for a successful business.

Laundry Business

Laundry Business


Most people in the Metro have fast paced lifestyles and can hardly find any time to wash their own clothes. That’s where you can come in with a laundry business! This can be a huge hit especially if you’re near condos and/or business districts.


Make it super convenient by offering pick-up and delivery as well for an additional fee. You’re going to need the proper equipment that could cost around PHP 900,000, so make sure you invest in the good stuff using a Big Loan.




If you’re a rockstar with the shears, then you might just kill it running a salon! Don’t restrict yourself to cutting hair, of course. You can branch out to a plethora of services including perming, rebonding, and hair coloring.


You can open a physical salon and give your customers a distinct immersive experience each time they drop by. To make it more convenient, you can also offer home services.


Just note that you’ll need to purchase a bunch of grooming equipment and products. Plus, you’ll have to stay updated on all the trendy hairstyles. Note that starting a salon business may cost around PHP 3,000,000. Usual personal loans might not get you too far, so it’s best to get a boost with Big Loan’s PHP 2,500,000 maximum loan amount.

Grocery Store

Grocery Store


Going to your usual grocery stores can be a real hassle sometimes, what with expensive parking, traffic, and long lines. That’s why a small grocery store in your neighborhood can be a huge hit! With your help, your neighbors will save so much time by simply strolling over to your store for their pantry needs.


You can start your grocery store with PHP 200,000 (which is around Big Loan’s minimum amount, by the way!) but that still depends on the size and location.

Neighborhood Gym

Neighborhood Gym


Often, you’ll be way too tired to commute home after a workout. That’s why you could drown in memberships if you open a neighborhood gym! Make sure you have all the equipment that any fitness buff looks for. You’ll also need staff to accommodate your customers, as well as some amenities like showers and a water dispenser. All in all, it may cost you up to PHP 3,000,000.

Start Earning Extra Income with a Tonik Big Loan

After reading these small business ideas, we hope you at least have a clearer idea of what you want to do. Once you’ve fully decided, it’s time to kick things off with a Tonik Big Loan!


Using the value of your fully owned condo, you can borrow a maximum of PHP 2,500,000. That’s enough for any of the side hustles in this list. Download the Tonik App to check out Big Loan and our personal loans today!


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