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Strengthen your Neo Romance this Valentine's Day with Tonik's 4.5% interest p.a. Group Stash for two!

Tue, 02/08/2022 - 17:56

It’s time to get busy with your partner...and reach your financial goals earning 4.5% interest p.a. when the both of you open a LUV STASH with Tonik!

Let's get real—while love is a great thing to have with that special someone in your life, it isn’t enough to get the fire burning in a (neo) romance! If you ask us about it, there are a lot of other ingredients to keep your relationship strong. You’ve got trust, good communication, honesty, compatibility...and let’s not forget the most basic ingredient: financial stability!


Let’s be honest, love ain’t gonna feed both of you. Epic romances must be grounded on a good foundation.


Allow Tonik to help you and your partner sustain a healthy relationship and keep that spark alive! And the most romantic thing to do this Valentine’s Day is to save together. So where do you even start, you ask?


Introducing Tonik’s special Valentine’s Day LUV STASH. We’re giving you and your luv the chance to start saving BIG, and bigger than the usual Stashes we’ve got here at Tonik! If y’all are familiar with Tonik’s products, then you probably know that the regular Stash with 1-2 people only earns 4% interest p.a., while a Group Stash with 3 or more people earns 4.5% p.a. Well, with the LUV STASH, you and your special someone can earn 4.5% interest p.a. even if you guys are just a pair!

Have we got your attention yet? Here’s everything you need to know and do:

  • Both of you must have an active Tonik Account.
  • You need to open a Group Stash anytime within the promo period, which is 12:01am of February 14, 2022 to 10:00pm of February 16, 2022.
  • To create a Group Stash your Tonik Account must be verified.
  • You need to invite your partner to that new Group Stash anytime within the promo period.
  • Both of you must contribute to that new Group Stash anytime within the promo period.
  • We’ve said this basically every time before this sentence, but if you haven’t figured it out yet, all these actions must be done during the Luv Stash promo period ONLY— 12:01am of February 14, 2022 to 10:00pm of February 16, 2022.


And voila! Your Luv Stash will immediately be earning 4.5% by February 20, 2022 and will continue to do so until the Stash is closed.


Once you’ve got your Luv Stash up and running, you can keep topping up and earning 4.5% until you and your partner reach whatever financial goal that you have for the near future. Thinking of your dream wedding? Make that dream a reality. Wanna go on that vacation to Europe? Then keep on stashing! Got your eyes set on a swanky new house or apartment that you’d like to grow a family in? Your 4.5% will definitely get you there.


Grow that romance you’ve got going with the Luv Stash! Flowers and chocolates seem sweet and all, but nothing is sexier than financial stability, so give your significant other the gift of big savings! After all, it shows that you’re truly committed to a long life of luv with your partner.


Want to get started on your Luv Stash?  You can learn more about this special Valentine’s Day promo on our website page right here! Happy stashin’, luv birds! 💜



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