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Tonik launches online referral program “Friends with Benefits”

Thu, 01/13/2022 - 23:35

Tonik users can surely have a December to remember with the launch of the neobank’s online referral program. Dubbed “Friends with Benefits”, this program not only aims to reach potential clients but will definitely benefit current users as well.


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So what’s the benefit?

A benefit of P60 may be earned by the Tonik user or “referrer” for every successful referral of the app to a friend. Just as they earn, their friend or the “referee“, also gets P60 if they open their own Tonik Account and cash in any amount. There is no limit on the referrer’s part; the more friends they refer the app to, the merrier their credit!

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How does this referral promo work?

First of all, the referrer must be a Tonik user who has successfully uploaded an accepted government ID on the app. They shall be able to generate a unique referral code in the “Friends with Benefits” menu on their profile which can be shared with a friend joining Tonik for the first time. 

In order for it to be a successful referral that will benefit both parties, the referee must complete the app onboarding:


  1. Successfully upload a valid government ID, either during or after the onboarding process.
  1. Use the unique referral code shared by the referrer within 3 days of successful upload of ID. The day that the ID is uploaded successfully shall be counted as Day 1. Once the 3 days deadline has passed, the individual will no longer be able to enter a referral code.
  1. Cash in or top-up any amount to your Tonik account. Topping up may be done through PESONet transfers from other banks and channels available in the app’s top-up menu.


On top of the P60 bonus, you can also persuade your friend to start their neobanking journey by making them realize that getting on Tonik can be a barkada affair, too! 

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What’s app with Tonik?

Two words: Group Stash.


Now this one is very unique to the app. Think of the Group Stash as your own barkada’s savings pocket where you can pool funds for your common dreams. Even if you’re far apart now given the constraints, you and your friends can finally save up for your dream trips, together!


But wait there’s more! 6% more, to be exact.


You can forget about the low interest rates other banks have been giving you for years. Dream big and save bigger with Tonik’s 6% interest rate p.a for Time Deposit! Could this be the best bank for time deposit in the Philippines? No doubt.


Then there’s Tonik Quick Loan.


When you need a helping hand, Tonik can be your friend with their consumer loan that’s so easy to sign up for! Borrow as low as P5,000 to as much as P50, 000 in almost an instant. All you’ll need to show are (1) Government ID and (1) One-month payslip, and you can expect a reply in just 15 minutes after you apply!


Tonik could not have come at a better time. As the way we do banking continues to evolve, this neobank proves to be your banking best friend with tons of benefits.


Tonik Friends with Benefits online referral program runs from December 8, 2021 - January 31, 2021.


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