If I am not around when the card is delivered, who can receive it on my behalf?

If you are not available to receive the card, the following persons can receive it for you:

  1. Family members 

  • The following family members of legal age can receive on your behalf: 

           •    Spouse 
           •    Child 
           •    Mother 
           •    Father 
           •    Siblings 
           •    Relatives 


  1. Officemates 

  • Authorized representatives of legal age who work at the customer’s office address can receive on your behalf: 

           •    Officemate or any regular employee from the same department 
           •    Office receptionist 
           •    Office security guards 


  1. Other authorized representatives 

  • Authorized representatives of legal age living with the customer or working at the customer’s place of residence can receive on your behalf: 

           •    Common-law partner 
           •    Boyfriend or girlfriend 
           •    Roommate 
           •    Household help 
           •    Condominium or village security guards and receptionist 

All representatives who will receive the card on behalf of the customer should present a valid ID to the courier. The valid IDs accepted are: 

Any one (1) of the following PRIMARY IDs: 

       •    Driver’s License 
       •    Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID 
       •    Passport 
       •    Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) 
       •    Social Security System (SSS) ID 
       •    Firearms License 
       •    Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)  
       •    Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID 
       •    Postal ID (card-type) 
       •    GSIS eCARD 
       •    PhilID (National ID/PhilSys ID) 

If your authorized representative or recipient does not have any primary ID, they can show any 2 of the following secondary IDs: 

      •    Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card 
      •    Voter’s ID 
      •    PhilHealth ID 
      •    TIN 
      •    Senior Citizen’s ID 
      •    School ID 
      •    Company ID 
      •    NBI Clearance