Can I pre-terminate my Flex Loan? (Early full settlement)

Hi, luv. If you don’t have outstanding late fees, you can use the Self-Service Full Pre-Payment option any time after loan disbursement through the Tonik App. Just look for the ‘I want to close my loan’ button.

Once tapped, you’ll see your remaining outstanding balance (accrued principal + accrued interest). If your Tonik Savings Account (TSA) has enough balance, you can pay off your loan by simply clicking the ‘Close my loan’ button. Otherwise, you’ll have to top up your TSA first by clicking ‘Top up my Tonik Account.’

Afterwards, you’ll receive a Certificate of Full Loan Repayment via your registered e-mail account. The payment will also be posted in CBS and the status of your loan will be ‘closed.’

For further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our Customer Care hotline at +63253222645.