What is the batting average of transferring to my Tonik account via PESONet?

  1. You entered an invalid Tonik account number.

    Make sure it is the 14-digit account number found in your profile. To avoid encoding errors, just copy the account number by clicking on the icon beside it.


    You cannot transfer to closed, dormant, or blocked Tonik accounts via PESONet as well.


  3. You keyed in account information that does not match any active Tonik account.

  5. Remember, no pet names allowed! Yes, it includes ‘luv’.

  7. The account’s currency is anything but Peso

    PESONet is available only for fund transfers between Philippine Peso accounts of participating banks and electronic money issuers in the country.


  9. The transaction is suspicious based on Anti-Money Laundering criteria.


  • We’ll gladly return your money back to your (ex)bank.