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Loan repayment doesn’t have to be stressful, luv. Learn how to pay your Tonik Loan to improve your credit score and have greater peace of mind.
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How to pay your Tonik loan:
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1. Open your Tonik App
2. Check your loan details
Triple check all the important information about your loan, like your monthly installment and your due date.
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3. Check the balance of your linked debit card/Tonik Account
Your loan repayment will be debited from your linked debit card if you get a Flex Loan. But if not, your loan repayment will be debited directly from your Tonik Account on your chosen due date. So, if you have enough funds in your account for your loan repayment, then you have nothing to worry about, luv!​
4. Top-up your linked debit card/Tonik Account
If you don't have enough balance in your linked debit card or Tonik Account, then all you need is to top-up enough funds on or before your due date to avoid fees.(Note: The funds will be debited from your Tonik Account at 10PM on your chosen due date.)

Way to Top Up



An inforgraphic that shows Tonik's payment reminder process
An inforgraphic that shows Tonik's payment reminder process



Don’t miss your due date, luv.
Top 3 Pros of Paying on Time
  • Enhanced Creditworthiness

    Paying your loan on time is a surefire way to boost your creditworthiness. Timely loan repayments show that you are a responsible borrower, which will help you build a positive credit score.

  • Access to Additional Financing

    Paying your loan on time can increase your chances of obtaining additional financing when needed. It's easier to extend credit to someone who has a proven track record of timely payments.

  • Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind

    Taking on debt is a big responsibility. And it can get pretty stressful if you're not up to date on payments, luv. So, be sure to pay on time for your peace of mind.

Top 3 Cons of Paying Late
  • Increased Debt Burden

    Paying your loan late can result in an increased debt. Late payment fees and penalties can quickly add up! Avoid falling into the debt trap by making sure you pay on time, hun.

  • Damage to Credit History

    Late loan payments can tarnish your credit history. This means it might be harder for you to take out a loan, even when you badly need it.

  • Legal Consequences

    If you keep missing payments, lenders may take legal action against you. Lenders may also tap the help of third-party agencies to recover the debt, which can cause further stress.

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