Friends with Benefits Referral Program Terms & Conditions


  1. “Referral Bonus” - means a commission to be paid by Tonik to a qualified individual for every referral that results in a successful loan disbursement of Quick Loan or Flex Loan.
  2. “Referral Link” - means a unique electronic link/code that Tonik assigns to a qualified individual during the referral program period
  3. “Qualified Individual” - means a person who is approved by Tonik to participate in this referral program.
  4. “Referrer” - a qualified individual who shall refer Tonik’s Quick Loan or Flex Loan to a referee, provided that the referee’s Quick Loan or Flex loan application is approved and disbursed.
  5. “Referee” - a person who is avails Tonik’s Quick Loan or Flex Loan through a referral link of a referrer.
  6. “Delinquency” - means currently having a loan that has unpaid dues


  • December 15, 2022 – December 15, 2023
  • TO PARTICIPATE, an individual must;

      1. Have a verified Tonik account
      2. Must not be in delinquency during the time of referral.
    1. To qualify for the referral bonus, the individual must;
      1. Share the referral link with his referee.
      2. The same link must be used by the referee to apply for the loan.
      3. The referral results in a successful loan disbursement of a Quick Loan or Flex Loan
    1. Tonik will not be responsible for any failure, error, or omission in sharing the referral link.
    2. The benefits will be credited to the Tonik bank account of the Referrer within 20 banking days from the time of successful loan disbursement.
    3. Any taxes that shall result from the payment of the referral bonus shall be for the account of the Referrer and the Referee, as may be applicable. The Referrer shall hold Tonik, or any of its officers or representatives, free from any obligation arising from the tax implication of the referral bonus.
    4. If the Referee completes the loan disbursement after the end of the Program Period, then the Referrer is not eligible to earn the benefits.
    5. Should the Tonik Account of the referrer or referee be suspended or closed on the date of crediting the benefit, the benefits due to the referrer for the applicable referral shall be deemed forfeited, and, the use of the unique Referral Code of the Referrer shall become invalid, for the duration of the Program Period.
    6. A qualified individual cannot use his/her the referral link for his/her own Loan applications. Referrers or Referees are not allowed to create multiple or fake Tonik Accounts to participate in the program; such acts will void/invalidate/forfeit any benefits earned.
    7. Tonik reserves the right to cancel the participation of any individual if any abuse, fraud, or suspicious activities are found or if Tonik finds that such individual has violated the Terms & Conditions of this program, the Tonik General Terms & Conditions (incorporated herein by reference), or any rules or regulations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.
    8. By participating in this program, the Referrers signify that they have read, understood, and agreed to all applicable terms and conditions.
    9. For more information, the Referrers or Referees can reach out to Tonik Customer Care through the chat feature in the Tonik application.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What’s a verified account?
    2. A verified account is a Tonik account that has finished the upgrade process. A user may upgrade their account by uploading one of Tonik’s accepted government IDs and confirming the details of said ID. The upgrading process shall be completed one (1) day after the upgrade request has been made.
    1. I sent the referral link to my friends. When can I get my referral bonus?
    2. A referrer shall get their referral bonus once their friends have:
      • Clicked on their link;
      • Applied for a Quick Loan or Flex Loan;
      • Been approved for a Quick Loan or Flex Loan; and
      • Have signed their loan documents and whose loan is disbursed
      A referrer can get the referral bonus within 20 business days from the date of successful loan booking and disbursement of their referee.
    1. How much do I get for each successful referral?
    2. Each successful referral shall earn the referrer Php 1,000.00 which is to be credited into the referrer’s Tonik account.
    1. My friend got approved but decided not to get the loan. Will I still get my referral bonus?
    2. Only loans that have been disbursed to the referee shall count as a successful referral. Loans that have either been (1) not approved or (2) approved but not disbursed shall not be counted as successful referrals.
    1. Why can't I send my referral link via SMS?
    2. Some telecommunication companies have now started blocking links sent via SMS. In order to successfully send your referral link, you may use the wide variety of online messaging applications available.
    1. How will I know once I've qualified for my referral bonus?
    2. We'll send you a notification once your referral bonus has been credited into your Tonik account.